People often think, "stainless steel" is "stainless steel", if the rust, it must be fake and shoddy products. This is, of course, simplistic.

First of all, stainless steel "stainless", is not absolutely not rust, but relatively in a certain condition is not rust. If the user USES it improperly, will use it in the environment or the condition which surpasses its corrosion resistance ability, nature will also rust.

Is the product used stainless steel material corrosion rust situation, may also be because the manufacturer material selection is not reasonable, that is, the manufacturer for its product use and choose the appropriate stainless steel brand as raw materials, may also be the manufacturer's production and processing technology does not pass.
In addition, that is, manufacturers do choose the market does not conform to the relevant national or industry authoritative standards of shoddy stainless steel as raw materials.
In any case, these are manufacturers in the procurement and processing should face and solve. In view of the current market does exist in the production, sales of inferior stainless steel, as well as shoddy, falsified quality certificates and other market cheating behavior, how can we master the initiative in the procurement of stainless steel materials, quickly detect these cheating behavior, from the harm of fake stainless steel? To these same likelihood beautiful beautiful stainless steel, want to distinguish its true and false actor bad from the exterior, although regard an expert as also fear to accomplish hard, what after all still has the method with easy easy to do?
Someone said: this is very simple, with a magnet! What can not be sucked is good, is "stainless steel", what can be sucked is poor, is "stainless iron"! It seems to be so popular these days that it's even been used in tech publications and TV shows. To this kind of saying, practice, industry expert gave deny, it is unscientific and extremely wrong.
Currently has development and application of five kinds of stainless steel in the world, only the austenitic stainless steel (series 300 grades, 200 series brand) often nonmagnetic (processed or weak magnetic), and the ferritic stainless steel (series 400 grades), duplex stainless steel, martensite stainless steel, precipitation hardening stainless steel with magnetic.
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