Key cities today 304 stainless steel plate economic data in the third quarter is still weak, resulting in the view of the future is not up to the merchant; In addition to the need to follow up the lack of performance, and close to the end of the month, under the pressure of funds, traders let prices go goods voluntary progress, so the price fell slightly. Considering the short term need surface is difficult to improve, and with the temperature drop, or shrinking, plus financial pressure, it is estimated that 304 stainless steel plate price narrow range vibration weak adjustment trend.
Shanghai 304 stainless steel plate price narrow range shake, in the market to sell the background is not ideal, yesterday some merchants price promotion, low alloy capital price is also further weakened, between the price gap between the general plate and low alloy capital narrowed. Recent spot market capital total is not large, but the need for downstream is still owe security, in addition to the weak trend of the futures market, businesses to collect funds, select preferential promotion. Lecong's market price runs smoothly. Due to the shut-down of liuzhou iron and steel co., LTD., shaoguan iron and steel co., ltd. may increase its market share in the near future or increase its shipment volume. Currently, there is more spot capital in shaoguan iron and steel co., LTD., and the prices of traders are also on the low side. Estimated short - term domestic 304 stainless steel plate price consolidation operation.
In conclusion, raw materials or weak consolidation, involving market determination; Micro as usual, moderate, tepid; And the real estate market is finally to see good news, the New Deal about the real estate market began to show good effect, but the short-term real estate market or as usual in the destocking situation, about 304 stainless steel plate needs to be hard to move; As a result, the original all, the stainless steel plate market needs surface will not have what improvement, and in the cost and capital pressure under pressure, estimated tomorrow 304 stainless steel plate price narrow range weak vibration adjustment operation.

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