304 stainless steel plate price overall decline, plate fell less, building materials, profile relatively large. Building materials, zhou chu steel production market resources are normal, but the second half of the week steel production again, it is a shortage of market resources again.

So price strength does not follow market weakness. The prices of businesses in chifeng area fell slightly, and yuanlian capital was affected by the billet. Recently, the prices dropped significantly. However, in winter, the prices of steel mills started to slow down, which was reflected by the fact that the price drop was less than the billet rise and fall. Plate price fell slightly, first because the recent dominant market prices of 304 stainless steel plate fell back, the decline is large, businesses with passive down.
Although the leading market price has fallen, the local price has been stable due to poor demand, small inventory and other factors. At present, the inventory of merchants is mostly at the price of 1000 tons, and the capital is very scarce. Therefore, the price has been supported to some extent. Sheet material respect, current market large family clinchs a deal to fall somewhat than last week, large family day clinchs a deal to be around in 500 tons, recently tangshan steel billet price falls significantly, the dominant market price such as tianjin, Beijing also tends to be weak somewhat, the likelihood that price of local 304 stainless steel plate continues weak move inside short term so is bigger

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