The current demand for 304 stainless steel plate is also very large, then you know? When stainless steel pipe stains need to be cleaned when how to do it! Let's find out!


Clean stainless steel plate First of all we have to clear the type of stains, the face of different stains have different ways to solve them.


In the usual case, the first thing that people should think of as stains is bleach-like washing liquid. This method is extremely undesirable and should be like the one in this detergent that corrodes the surface of a colored stainless steel tube Role, and in the clean-up of colored stainless steel pipe remember to use the steel ball and grinding tools to avoid its stainless steel scratch, which affects its appearance.


For the surface of the stainless steel plate, cleaning with soap and water after mild cleaning can be further cleaned with alcohol or organic solvent, which will make the surface of the stainless steel plate more beautiful and bright. For the grease on the surface of the stainless steel plate, first wipe it with a soft cloth and then clean it with a relatively neutral detergent.

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