When a lot of friends are choosing stainless steel, can you worry, this is because he does not distinguish 304 with 201 stainless steel, how to distinguish these two kinds of stainless steel quickly? Next 904L stainless steel plate xiaobian to teach you, identify the method.
1. The most commonly used method is to drop drops on the surface of stainless steel, and judge whether the material is 304 or 201 by the color change of the drops. This method is very convenient, but not scientific.

2. The second is to polish the stainless steel plate, see the spark identification, this is the waste recovery personnel commonly used inspection method, 304 material of the spark into a long line of sparks, and 201 material of the spark relatively scattered.

3. We will also use a magnet to adsorb the material. The material 201 is magnetic, while the general material 304 is non-magnetic.

Hope 904L stainless steel plate xiaobian, provide these methods with you, in 304 and 201 stainless steel judgment is helpful.

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