At present, the development of the stainless steel market competition gradually mature, the stainless steel market competition gradually from the low-level market competition gradually transformed into the brand, channels, and even the whole industrial chain and the competition of the capital level. The traditional channels of stainless steel enterprises have been unable to adapt to the development of stainless steel enterprises in the new environment. Stainless steel enterprises need to take the initiative to change in order to long-term development.

Since the stainless steel industry in the consumer is god, then the interests of god naturally also want to be in the first place. Finally, the stainless steel industry brand promotion road is full of thorns, but a good brand can volatile value added is unlimited, the stainless steel industry should rely on the "brand charm" this chess to dominate the market this chess. After all, how to do better than advertising and marketing, no matter how good the product without substance will only give people the "gold and jade of its external scum" evaluation, thus dismissive, life is not long!

At the present stage, under the guidance of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy and the stimulation of a series of favorable policies, the development prospect of the export market is very good. In 2018, stainless steel enterprises need to constantly adjust their development strategies according to the actual development situation of the enterprise at the present stage, and enter more emerging export markets suitable for themselves.

But a lot of stainless steel enterprises in expanding export channels when facing a talent shortage, sales method is not mature, unstable product quality, product price is not high, the service system not perfect and not agile response to market, for the export market wants to do good business, to find their own short board, play their own advantages, to gain a foothold in the competition.
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