904L stainless steel plate is a very resistant to sulfuric acid, dilute sulfuric acid erosion of a kind of plate, originally developed by Sweden, high temperature is not the strength of 904L stainless steel plate, but because of the different alloy content, 904L stainless steel plate temperature resistance is also very different.

1, in more than 550 ℃ high temperature medium work under the condition of short or long time use

2, can still ensure its good mechanical properties of the steel for heat steel

3, depending on the alloy content (Al, Cr, Ni), the highest temperature can reach 1150 ℃.

904 l stainless steel high temperature resistant ability to reach 900-1050 ° between commonly, resistance to high temperature to produce 904 l stainless steel plate with the internationalization of technology, makes the production technology to improve and make products become very affordable, high quality and low price, high cost performance, the best but not the most expensive, the first-class quality second-rate price, professional technology, mass consumption, humanized service, super durable, loved by users.


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