201 a little accident, 304 a little sad, today qingshan 304 futures price adjustment 300, spot fell 100 fell 200,201 cold rolled wide plate synchronously fell 100, only 201 hot rolled narrow strip risk seems to be out of the question.
Futures raw material aspect, daytime of sorrow, evening of accident, lun ni Shanghai ni current night rebound come back, artificial close will have accident, stainless steel electron disc 201/304 cold coil synchronously fall down, 201 fall nearly 100, 304 fall 100-300, recently 304 scrap pressure drop don't change, ferrochrome ferrochrome also have weak fall performance not accident.
In the past, in the aspect of capacity reduction, environmental impact, and the relevant policy level of deleveraging, we have interrupted the capital chain of many poor people who depend on money in business by means of the rapid rise and fall of the market. Now we have reduced the performance of the demand end and put the leek cutting into the pockets of rich people who have power and supply.
Who dare to fill the day, who hoarded a large number of goods, price pressure may be who cut dry squeeze dry, feng shui turns, the market is entering a new round of historical stage, steel mills are about to face the market situation has been frozen.
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