2205 stainless steel plate market situation is expected to continue to decline, the current need to slow down the set, the iron and steel occupation supply and demand contradictions further expanded, the data appears.

In recent years, domestic crude steel production has continued to increase, but in fact, the inventory of 2205 stainless steel sheet steel mills has increased, sales have not been able to go up, and the constant adjustment of prices has now begun to show signs of “peak”.

The sales volume of steel 2205 stainless steel plate will decrease year by year. Although occupations such as new energy in the downside cost category are still being added, the cost of the infrastructure sector will remain stable, and the need for a real estate career will be reduced.

The demand for iron ore in China is reduced by the reduction of steel demand and the abandonment of steel addition. As a result, while the needs of other new malls are being added, it is estimated that global iron demand will decline in the next decade.

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