In the 2205 stainless steel plate market, the inventory of large households is small, and the phenomenon of out of stock is also obvious. After the settlement, everyone's mentality is better.

So I want to put the 2205 stainless steel plate market price up, but the shipment has not been very good during this time, but I have not risen up, but especially after the temperature drops, the 2205 stainless steel plate market is more difficult to deal with.

The demand for 2205 stainless steel plates in various regions is obviously reduced, and there is a situation of oversupply demand for demand. Although steel mills have limited prices and limited production to protect the market this year, it is still difficult to escape the low-price pattern. In terms of future development, 2205 The stainless steel market will be even more severe.

The "Golden Nine" market ended in a bubble, the demand recovery in the peak season was slow, the 2205 stainless steel plate market transaction did not meet expectations, and the trend of the snail fell, the spot price was in a rising state for a long time, the steel market confidence was gradually damaged, and the 2205 stainless steel plate market performance was not Good, the mainstream is still dominated by small falls.
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