Wholesale price copper coil

Characteristics of copper coil :

1)Electrically conductive, thermally conductive and acid resisting  

2)Block X-ray with nice ductility

3)Good viscosity, outdoor weathering and UV resistant

4)Good toughness and corrosion resistance  

5)Flame resistant 

Applications of copper coil : 

1)Applicable to all types of transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDA, PDP, LCD monitors, notebook computers, copiers and other electronic products where electromagnetic shielding is demanded.

2)Mainly used for electromagnetic shielding and antistatic. 

3)It also acts as a barrier to movement by slugs and snails,Used to protect plants from damage by slugs and snails.

4)Used for computer monitors wire and transformer manufacturing the central air-conditioning pipe, smoke machines, refrigerators, water heaters, pipe joints, etc., precision electronic products, computer equipment, wires, cables, etc.


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